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Why this iPhone 6 worth almost $3.5 Million?

Customizing our smartphone is pretty cool, we more enjoy using it and some people notice the difference from the original design. What if customizing it into next level? Into a higher level. There is a company that specializes in personalizing your phone and step to the higher level, however you need a big amount to make it happen.

Previously they made the most expensive iPhone 6 that has a 24 carat of gold and put a bunch of tiny diamonds. If you want this unique design, prepare a $3.51 Million. That is why this exclusive iPhone cost a million dollar.  

Furthermore, the Apple logo made of diamond as well as the lining the side part of the handset with the special gems called Goldgenie. Famous people already have this phone including the former football star David Beckham, Usian Bolt and the rapper and music producer P Diddy. 

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The Fouder Laban Roomes mentioned: “This is probably the most exclusive phone at this time, date in the world; I would say it as worth as much as a small island.”

If you can’t pay for the diamond edition, Goldgenie offers customized phones starting up from $15,000. This is not the first time company offered a high class iPhone, a year ago designer Alexander Amosu made a gold iPhone 6 that is covered in 6,127 diamonds for a private client.  The solid gold Apple logo also mended to the back and the complete phone cost is $2.62 Million.

This is not the only smartphone that has diamond and worth a million dollar, check the Cellular country reviews: Diamond Crypto and see how these designers have in common.

So, what can you say about this personalized iPhone that worth a million dollar? Those folks like me this is a big amount, it is impossible to have this kind of iPhone. How about you? Comment your thought below.


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